The map requires DLC Going East, Scandinavia, France, Italy.
New version 12.7:
– It returns to the original look and now the “DLC Special Transport” can work.
– 7 cities were removed.
– On the islands of Malta and Cyprus, the movement was changed to the left.
– Fixed all bugs found.

Mario1961, Term99

Full_Mario_map_v12.7_19.12_.rar – 2.1 GB


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6 Responses

  1. Sam Viper says:

    Hey man, I’m so happy and happy that the Mario Map is back for 1.30.xx !! You are the best.
    I wish all truckers a healthy new year!
    Wherever you are, always good driving on the streets of Mario Map.

  2. Sam Viper says:

    Hello, I have a wish and a challenge! Could you add the city Wuppertal to the map next time? Maybe with this monorail running through the air and overland, or is that too hard to rallize it for the game?
    the wuppertal overhead railway and key components of the european Ariane expendable launch vehicles. Wuppertal in NRW is my hometown! and I miss it on the big map. 😉

  3. sansii fajardo says:

    tengo un problema! cuando creo el nuevo perfil pongo el mod tal como dice la foto del 1 al 11 y se queda cargando en la mitad, esperando y no termina de cargar, agradeceria una ayuda o solucion!

  4. Oggmeista says:

    problem guys..i don’t actually knor for sure if this is a problem with the game or game maps, orjust the mario map…but i hace job to deliver from usa to felixtowe.. the only viable connection from the requested location is Paris guide arrows are shown but i cannot exit the airport the orange/red gate will not open?

  5. fuck_steam says:

    brasile places is fucking crash my game
    what is problem in map brasile

  6. Filip says:

    Is Mario Map work with Promods Rusmap and Poland Rebuilding?

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