TRUCKSIM MAP V6.6 FOR PATCH 1.27.X (18.06.2017)

TruckSim Map 6.6 for Patch 1.27.x (18.06.2017)
Important note! If you still want to use the TSM map from the TSM 6.6 compulsory the DLC’s East, Scandinavia and France !!!
! Attention! If you have any problems with the TSM, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Changes in version 6.6 compared to previous version:
Reconstruction Morocco
Adaptation to Gamepatch version 1.27.x
Various bug fixes
To play this map version is at least the version 1.27.X required!
But beware (!): Before playing, the profile has to be edited first.
Disable old mods, and then activate the new mods! After that the old parts have to be deleted.
The TSM Map should have the lowest priority in the Modmanager!
This map version can no longer be played with the patch version 1.26.X (or before)!
If you are still making a delivery, you should cancel it or finish it.
Then you deactivate the old parts and activate the new ones. Then delete the old parts from the mod.
We split our mod into seven separate packages.
TSM_Map_6_6_prefab & more.scs
These seven parts are displayed in the “game.log.txt” with “6.6”. Since the previous versions have been changed in all modifiers, all Six parts in the Mod folder!

SCS software for the GrundMap with all the trimmings.
50keda for the new companies Sellplan and Kaarfor.
FLD / TZ for the new prefabs and models (may not be used for free use!)
Kamaz for signs
rice Lord for signs
valera_t for various Mapmodelle
satan19990 for the excellent Mapmodelle
kingpin of the images
2X2 for the new license plates
mAn_Trucker for new firms
diverbaer for , Extreme bridge ‘
Carinthian for the conversion in Frankfurt,
Tripoli and Aalborg Carribean Princess – Herminio Nieves
Sailboat – edson
Boat 1 – kheiro
Boxes 1 Palm somebody
else – Yughues Oasispalms – Yughues
Plants and Staff – Nobiax

TSM_6.6.7z – 1.5 GB


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