Tuning for Scania RS v1.18.1s

Tuning, bugfixes, etc. for Scania R & Streamline by RJL. It only works as a complement to RJL 1.2 mode . It should be placed after his mod . The old version of mod are included in this update.

– Compatibility with RJL 1.2 and ETS2 1.17
– Fixes for better compability with others mods
– Bdf(alpha, without cargoes)
– Real transmissions
– Real water and oil temp
– Decals Toplinexc, Longline
– 2 additional “Lollypop”
– Pennant “Dream catcher”
– Radio
– New interior things

– Compability bugfixes
– Fixes bdf
– New interior things
– Shorter Stoneguards
– Lightboxes 50?
– Cargo for bdf

– Backlights “Burger”
– Stickers on side window
– Speakers in doors
– Griffins of doorhandles are moved to a separate slot
– Rework mudflaps slot
– Variants of foglights
– Added slot “Others” to UK interiors
– Some bugfixes


Scania_RS_Tuning_v2.2.rar – 121.2 MB

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