DOLL VARIO 4axis v2.0

DOLL VARIO 4axis in AO Texture Version2 ETS2 1.17.xx DLC Scandinavia 11.05.2015

Doll Vario by Road Hunter
Wheels by Ventures
Liebherr LTM 1030 Saschii / AO Texture Road by Hunter

-5 Variants of color
-Red, white, yellow, gray, blue
-Trailer Is standalone

Six Cargo:
-Mobile Crane Bracht
-Mobile Crane Ulferts
-Mobile Crane Schatte
-Mobile Crane Sarens
-Mobile Crane Wasel

Cargo: “Doll Vario 4achs Leerruecktransport”
weight: 2 tons
Cargo: “Liebherr LTM 1030 Bracht / Ulferts / Schatte / Sarens / Wasel”
Weight: 30 tons


ets2_1.17.xx_DLC_Sca_Doll_Vario_4achs_ao_v2.rar – 16.6 MB

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