this time i created a trailer pack with some different cargo. Because i want some diversity in cargo i made some of my one in blender. Today i like to share with you all.
So what have i done,
SCS Brick trailer edited and make steerable axles and cargo’s. also in traffic.
SCS Flatbed trailer, edit and make steerable axles and cargo. also in traffic.
SCS overweight trailer edited and make steerable axles. also in traffic.
SCS Goldhofer flat trailer, add cargo’s and also in traffic.
ATS flatbed edited and add axle and lights. not made steerable. various cargo’s and in traffic. Also two faymonville trailers with steerable axles and in traffic. Think the are made by Roadhunter.

Zeeuwse Trucker / SCS

trailer_pack_zt.rar – 139.0 MB

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