ProMods 2.50 Addon: Red Sea Map v1.1.1 – (1.38.x)

Changes v1.1.1:

– Nuweiba Rebuilt
– Mountains rebuilt and terrain redone from Taba to Sharm el Sheikh
– Some gaps and bugs patched as reported before
– VolgaMap bug fixed
– Ferry in Sharm opened to allow for ferry mods to connect to Sharm el Sheikh, if applicable.

This map mod will connect the ProMods ME road from Taba south into a whole new area on ETS including cities up and down the Red Sea coastline. Having flown over the Red Sea many times in the real world, it’s quite a beautiful area full of history, trade, wonderful towns, and amazing hospitable people. This area deserves representation in our vibrant ETS2 community and of course, provide a nice haul from Somalia or Eritrea up the Red Sea into the rest of Europe.


Download Link: Download mod


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