SFX EVR Scania Streamline R410 E6 v1.0.2 – 1.50

Information about the sound package
– True positioning of sound sources. Just like a real truck.
– Realistic sounds of the 13 liter DC13.115 engine. Very accurate, natural and detailed audio recorded in a variety of driving modes.
– The mechanics of the real truck sound have been recreated, and the feel of the accelerator pedal is exactly like in a real truck. Multiple engine, gearbox and turbo load levels allow you to experience this to the fullest.
– All interior volume levels and distances are correctly adjusted for the engine, horns, gearbox and everything else. All of this is done in accordance with the real truck.

What do I get in this package?
– Engine sounds for single player and multiplayer.
– Real gearbox sounds are available in the package.
– All switches, buttons, signals, and levers in the interior are 101% authentic to the Scania R 6 Series.
– Electric window lifters.
– Real sounds of the Holset variable geometry turbocharger (VGT). Features of real truck operation, such as acceleration and deceleration speeds, full and partial load differences, actuator sounds, pomp and the sound of the turbine’s pneumatic flap, which is typical of opticruise transmissions, are included.
– Original Scania pneumatic horn.
– Four gearbox sounds are available in the package: Opticruise GRS 895R, 900R, 905R and manual gearbox with real interior sounds.
– A separate sound pack with all the necessary interior and exterior noises is also included: Noise from open windows, windshield and mirror aerodynamic noises, bumps, air seat squeaks, and much more. The list of sounds will grow with each update.



Download Link: Download mod

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