Pack Volvo FH 2012 Tandem (25 meters) [1.28.x]

Update for Version 1.28.Xs
– Trailers are standalones
– All trailers are compatible with this tandem
– The truck is included in the pack
– Advance coupling

Tandem: Flemming V.
Trailer: Nabil
Skin: Fred_be

Tandem: Flemming V.
Trailer: Nabil
Skin: Fred_be

Download Link: Download mod

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  1. guillermo says:

    what is the password???????????

  2. nick says:


  3. facu says:


  4. manuel says:

    hello fred listen to something your truck mod volvo tandem 25 m eurotrucksimulator 2 does not go with version 1.31x ne with version 1.32 which is now in beta then surely go out in a stable version could you solve the problem of steering? because it steers only the first axis and not the second and last at the bottom of the truck in the configuration 10×8 if needed I leave you my email that in case I send you the screenshots or the video I look forward to your answer

  5. Ndaby says:

    Share some mods for Ets 2 1.28

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