Iveco S-Way 2020 v5.6 1.48

Changelog 5.6
-Updated models mirrors,sunshield,small lights,wheels etc.
-Bugs fixes
-Updated for 1.48

Features Iveco S-Way 2020:
– Standalone truck
– 2 Cabin
– Chassis (4×2, 6×2, 6×2 (midlift), 6x2a, 6x2a (taglift) and 6×4)
– (12 engine options & own sounds)
– (8 gearbox options)
– Exclusive Interior
– Tuning Parts
– Cabin Accessories support
– buy in Iveco or Acces Mod dealer

BB store, Piva, Robinicus, FireiiDotCN, Ümit [UMT], BM

Download Link: Download mod

7 Responses

  1. Lusnoc says:

    Dont work

  2. EverestBC says:

    crashes the game 🙁

  3. nah says:

    Its crashing the game, fix it pls

  4. Antonio says:

    continua a non sistemare la mods iveco sway che fa crashing il gioco se non sei mica capace falla sistemare da un altro modellatore visto che sono già 2 settimane e non si vedono risultati di sistemazione della mods

  5. Stefano Bontempi says:

    exactly… continuous crash and rebooting the game doesn’t help.

  6. Adam Rozumek says:

    Yeah, it doesn’t work, the game is crashing, we need fix please

  7. Ehsan Barjasteh says:

    doesnt work crashes the game. test your mod before posting

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