Freightliner Century & Columbia С 120 v3.7 [1.43]

Changelog v3.7
Updated under the current version of the game.
Added accessories from “DLC Michelin” to the interior. The presence of this DLC must be needed!
Added fire extinguishers on chrome-plated cab protection. (There is a separate mod) Fire extinguishers for a truck Freightliner Century & Columbia from 120
Changed the chassis selection names.
Captive mirrors are disabled when purchasing from the dealer. (Now put in tuning).
A chromed strip is disabled with additional lighting when buying from the dealer. (Now put in tuning).
Fixed tank name errors (Standard) on (Standart).
If I forgot to write something, you will see already in the game

Sold in Dealer of Modifications
Glass animation
2 cabins
2 chassis
Your wheels (7 options)
Your FMOD sounds (6 options)
Support DLC Cabin Accessories
Support cables
Various tuning

Schurik43rus, Renenate, SCS, Dark Lord, Sanék September, Virat8 (BluePrint Mods). The authors of the sounds of engines were not indicated, they are known to everyone. The mod is the alteration of the author’s mod from Alexander Sentyakov

Download Link: Download mod


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  1. Marian says:

    Je sice hezké že mód je ke stažení ale po instalaci nevim kde truck zakoupit abych s nim mohl hrát

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