New generation Scania S730.
Truck is v1.0 version.
It has:
1 Cabin, 1 chassis, 1 engine.On future I plan to make more variants.
Truck is standalone, found on Scania dealership


SCANIA_S730_-_NEXT_GENERATION126.scs – 64.3 MB

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  1. Dado-J says:

    As someone has the nerve to take someone else’s work and that it unearthed as his? Tomas you thought it could not pass your scam, so you’re locked mode. You should not have to put a photograph of Scania done by Akirix Design Studio, and you and yours in the NBC Studio are just thieves others’ mode, so they sell the laity as their own. In addition to shove immature modes, justifying the terrible mistake, but in fact you are an ordinary amateurs who lie on someone else’s laurels. All you need to throw with these sites and ban your posts.
    Shame and your and administrator, who does not look at what is put on the page.

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