[1.50] Krone Profi Box Carrier Pack (v1.6.3) [Krone DLC required]

I am quite happy to share a new modification with you. This mod includes a new turntable trailer (Krone Profi Box Carrier AZW18 eLB9) as well as a central axle trailer (Krone Profi Box Carrier ZZW18 eLB10). Both were modelled, textured and implemented into EuroTruckSimulator2 completely by me (Sebastian7870).

Please note that you need the “Krone Swap Body Pack”.

Tested Game Versions

Changelog v1.6.3:
-Fixed a bug that caused barriers at border crossings to close when you tried to pass through them
-Adjusted maximum trailer weight (gross_trailer_weight_limit is now 18,000 kg)
-Fixed several minor visual issues


You are not allowed to re-upload any files inside this modification
(§2 and §7 of the Act on Copyright and Related Rights (German Civil Code))


This modification was made by Sebastian7870. (Copyright© by Sebastian M. – 2023)



Download Link: Download mod

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