BMW X6 V3.4 FOR 1.22.X + ADDONS


Just 1.22.x

BMW X6 v3.4
BMW X6 Sounds
BMW X6 WheelPack v1

BMW X6 v3.4 compatible with car trailer mod

– Hologram waycomputer
– Speedlimit on front glass
– sunroof
– sounds
– rims
– Speed, rpm , water and fuel niddles
– Indicator vs (light,fuel…) warning lights
– Speed warning sound


BMW_X6_V3.4_for_1.22.x.rar – 12.6 MB

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  1. Incredible Mace says:

    Its a really well done modification, which I do like very much, exept of the fact it’s an BMW X6 🙂
    There’s just one point, that need’s need to be fixed: The speedometer doesn’t show the actual speed. The speed shown is also way to high than the actual speed. :/
    The hologramm waycomputer however does show the right speed. So if that’s fixed, it’d be perfect.
    Maybe the car could have a higher top speed. At the moment , it only reaches about 170 km/h. I think 250 would be more appropriate.
    If it was possible, it would be also great, that you fix the speed limit shown in the hologram, which is still meant for trucks and not for “normal” vehicels.
    And, please, give us the oppurtunity to turn off the speed warning sound. 😀

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