Honda Civic Type R + fix 1.32

-Accord Canceled and replaced with new type
– the vehicles have their own original janti (the original factory of their own, the janti civic and typer)
self-proprietary voice for both engine transmissions
-special varex exhaust sound is heard both inside and outside
– There is a special exhaust sound for a few (livers)
-I have original cabinets
Suddenly on
– there’s a cable accessory
light “with the letter” o “in the cabinet light, open the light visibility distance while the light is not visible)
-view of the galaxies
have a nice road grip def
-Turkey map gives an exhilarating feeling in modes such as



Download Link: Download mod


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  1. Hakim Naim says:

    I cannot find this car in any truck dealership, i had activate this mod, i don’t know why. Hope you have solution for my problem.

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