JUMBUSS 380 B10 v1.49

Animation all doors (engine door) Animation Engine Doors 2 Sound 2 Engine lots of skin suspension Edit open.
2 LD Brazil Matheus França 13 Z Brazil Gustavo Henrique 23 LD Brazil Fagner
3 Z Ecuador Félix Torres 14 V Brazil Raniele 30 M Brazil Matheus Araujo
4 Z Brazil Caetano 15 A Brazil Pedro Henrique 32 G Brazil Matheus Donelli
5 V Argentina Fausto Vera 16 M Argentina Rodrigo Garro 33 M Brazil Ruan Oliveira
6 LE Ecuador Diego Palacios 17 A Brazil Giovane 34 Z Brazil Raul Gustavo
7 V Brazil Maycon 18 V Brazil Paulinho 36 A Brazil Wesley
9 A Brazil Yuri Alberto 19 A Brazil Gustavo Silva 46 LE Brazil Hugo
10 M Paraguay Matías Rojas 20 A Brazil Pedro Raul 77 M Italy Igor Coronado
11 A Paraguay Ángel Romero 21 LE Brazil Matheus Bidu
12 G Brazil Cássio Capitão 22 G Brazil Carlos Miguel



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