KENYAN G7 1600LD 8X2 1.28.X

Hey Guys today i have got to share interesting Bus skin for this bus G7_1600LD_8x2 Amonng the skins is DREAM LINE and Spanish Coach. Belonging to some of the bus companies in My Country Kenya
Works well in version 1.28. Get the bus and skin on Scania aGrage.


AC_Milan_G7_1600LD_8x2.scs – 6.2 MB



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2 Responses

  1. Tito says:

    hizi mods zimeiva. please eka za Easy Coach na MASH bus companies…ukieza kupimp mat ka za Ronga/Buru unaeza fanya poa

  2. harry says:

    hey can you update the kenyan skins for ver 1.30

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