Lanka Ashok Leyland Sensor BS4 (The Legend of Sri Lanka’s Roadside) – 1.47

This is the first ever Lanka ashok Leyland sensor bus mod for sri Lankan players
functions-high quality 4layer ao baked layers
*ultra realistic Owen interior
*own steering wheel
*fully animated interior and guge
*glass sticker alpha system
*animated doer and windows
*own honking system
*interior lights
*turbo whistle

important info * This bus mod has a special outdoer dj system and lighting it is a addon for this mod and its optional to buy join with this telegram link to buy it for cheap pries( enjoy the real outdoer dj experience check out the under YouTube vid to see it (do not remove this text)

important info2 *you cant drive this thing as soon as you got the vehicle you need to modify the interior first put the correct steering wheel and correct interior otherwise you get red texture problem site owners can share this mod for any site whatever you want but please keep the original download link for this mod

tested version- 1.40 to 1.47

K.S.R.T Tharusha dhananjaya

K.S.R.T Tharusha dhananjaya

Download Link: Download mod

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