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  1. EGE says:

    usta merhaba benim araçta kapıların açıldığı içeriden görünmüyor sorun nedir

  2. EGE says:


  3. yusuf says:

    kapılar neyle açılıyor

  4. İLqar says:

    kapılar neyle açılıyor ,

  5. İLqar says:

    Tamirciye gidin cekicinizde daha mutluya girin yani ikinciye tasarima ic mekanı standart 900 yapin bu kadar standart 1800 yapmayin

  6. Navcom says:

    Nice bus but has a couple of bugs. The trip computer is not visible during the day, only at night and the G trailer is attached in the middle of the bus, and not as it should be at the end. Also the G trailer is not registered for passenger transport but for freight transport so it is unusable for passengers. The gearbox with the retarder is also missing, I know that this is a city bus, but in ETS 2 there are intercity rides, not city ones. I hope that the author will correct the above. Thank you!

  7. Navcom says:

    Bus also working good in 1.41 version of ETS 2. 🙂

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