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This is the Fix Def File which is a Separate File, Dingo Af(mod fixer) did not touch the original files but instead created new DLC files for Gps, a new Steering wheel, and a new air horn.

official page that it will update officially from 1.47/1.48 so we

This mod was abandoned after 1.42 and we didn’t get any updates from the official page. We have seen the last comment from an decided to make it compatible with an extra def file ONLY compatible with 1.43 to 1.46 which IS NOT an OFFICIAL UPDATE!

⚠️Reuploading this mod on any other app or website is strictly prohibited.

Copyright strike ©️ 2023 by

Rolling Lanes



Muhammad Husni. Bimo Wahyu Saputro. RATI

Def Fix ✓ Dingo AF
(mods fixer)

Password 🔒 Protected

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Scania_Touring_Bus.rar – 83999422

15 Responses

  1. kimtaehyeong says:

    password please

  2. kimtaehyeong says:

    제발 제발 알려주세요

  3. kimtaehyeong says:

    제제제제 발 알려주세요

  4. kimtaehyeong says:

    패스 워드 제발 알려주세요 꼭 부탁드립니다 꼭 부탁드립니다 꼭 부탁드립니다 꼭 부탁드립니다

  5. kimtaehyeong says:

    패스 워드 제 발 알려 주세요 꼭 꼭 꼭 부탁드립니다 알려주세요 급합니다 알려주세요

  6. kimtaehyeong says:

    만 라이언스 코치 3세대 다시 업로드 해주세요 다운받게요 필요 합니다

  7. Frank says:

    Password: Thanks for 1k

    dejen de publicar mods con contraseña y compartan gratis sin pedir nada a cambio.

  8. yusuf manav says:

    Şifre Söyleyiniz Lütfen

  9. Nelson nsamba says:

    whats the password ?

  10. Petr says:

    Password: Thanks for 1k

  11. Dingo says:

    This is wrong password. He showed the password in the end of video.

  12. Flag says:

    Yes this is wrong password. Exact password is in the video

  13. BDMods says:

    Bro please contact me 🙏

  14. BDMods says:

    Dingo bro please contact me

  15. Noeny says:

    Can you make a metallic paint job version that adds the skin with the griffin at the back?

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