Scania Touring HD Bus 1.46 Free No Password


⚠️ Disclaimer!⚠️

This is the Fix Def file, which is a separate file, Dingo Af (mod fixer) did not touch the original files, but instead created new DLC files for Gps, a new steering wheel and a new air horn.

Official page that will be officially updated from 1.47/1.48 so

This mod was abandoned after 1.42 and we didn’t get any update from the official page. We have seen the last comment and have decided to make it compatible with an additional definition file ONLY compatible with 1.43 to 1.46 which IS NOT an OFFICIAL UPDATE!

⚠️It is strictly forbidden to appropriate the mods just for making it compatible. In this community, payment mods without authorization from SCS Software or theft of content from modders are not accepted⚠️

It is strictly prohibited to put passwords to other people’s mods to gain views of a video. The videos are just a demonstration of the mod in operation.

Muhammad Husni. Bimo Wahyu Saputro. RATI

Def Fix ✓ Dingo AF
(mods fixer)

Download Link: Download mod

1 Response

  1. Rolling lanes says:

    Yes. Rolling Lanes Fixed that mod. So he got rights to put password. So you have any guts to fixed the mod?
    And it is prohibited to put leaked mods and take fixed mod from rolling lanes from his channel on your website loser.

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