VOLVO INVICTUS DD 6X2-8X2 – MOD for ETS 2 1.40.x

-Chassis: 6×2 and 8×2 (original height and lowered);
-New 3D construction method lighter and more beautiful designs;
-Project focused on simulation, technical parts according to reality;
-Super real suspension, real engines, Real Ishift transmission;
-High quality sound recorded from a real model;

-Interior with dimensions and correct positions to provide a good feeling when driving, ergonomics. High quality materials used in the cabin for a pleasant look.

-Changing the skin edit, 05 Slots are now available to add to your paintings (before it was 1);
-Various internal and external accessories.
-Several paintings that rotate through Brazil …

-Animations like:
– Instrument board;
-Contagiros green and red stripes light up when starting the vehicle;
-Lighting instruments with a light shade of light blue and red lighting behind the hands;
– Animated light button;
– Animated alert button;
– Animated automatic exchange;
– Booth lights with animation;
-Interior compatible with DLC of SCS booths;

-DRL system of the headlights working as in real life, when starting they light up

Rodrigo Gamer

Download Link: Download mod


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