DAF XF E6 PACCAR MX 13 ON THE NEW DAF 2021 V2.2 1.40


Changelog V2.2

Added DAF XF105 def files, now the mod is working on the SCS DAF XF105, 106 and new DAF2021.

Kriechbaum’s MX13 sound fix to make it work with the new Daf 2021

is completely standalone, just use this mod and you ahve the sound working for both Daf XF Euro6 and the new DAF 2021 (XF, XG and XG+)

Adaptation Nando CEV.

Nando CEV, Kriechbaum

Daf_MX13_2.2_1.40_O_I.scs (4.5 MB) modsbase.com/sharemods.com


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