EAA NORMAL V5.0 1.32.X

Changelog in v5.0
About 31 thousand kilometers of new roads.
About 3 thousand km. with a soil coating.
All 27 states of Brazil are covered.
A total of 473 functional cities.

**** Revised and reformed roads ****** about 3 and a half thousand km. roads.

* Reworked the entire section 040 between Rio and Belo Horizonte.
– Changing routes in the Santos Dumont, Barbacena and Conselheiro Lafaiete region.
– Changed the texture of asphalt, alarm systems, construction sites, vegetation.
– Adapted a double track without a central section, as in reality.
– New support points;
– New bus points Petropolis.
– Changes on the highway serra de Petropolis.

* Several minor fixes in the serra de Santos and in the complex of racks * Reedicao da Serra de Teresopolis * – Reprint BR-381 (Rodovia Fernao Dias)
– New Betim fragment.
– Changes in access to Graal Perdoes and Oliveira.
– New access to various cities.
– New serra da Cantareira
– Smoothing curves and rises.

* The entire Rodovia dos Bandeirantes has been reformed. * The reformulation of the general federal highway Via Dutra between Sao Paulo and Rio de janeiro.
– Side roads in Guarulhos, Sao Jose dos Campos and Taubate.
– New access to all cities on the site.
– The new basilica Aparecida.
– New Graal Resende.

* Reformed highway Rodovia Castelo Branco.
– New access to the Grail Maristela.
– New road tolls on the roads.

* Reforming with track duplication between Ourinhos e Bauru.
* Alteration of the BR-040 between Belo Horizonte and Brasilia.
– Added mining company (copy of DLC ITALIA) in the city of Paracatu.

* Additional improvements and duplication of the BR-101 Rio de Janeiro, in the Macae and Campos region.
* Improvements in the BR-153 between Itumbiara and entrocamento for Baretos.
* Reconstruction of the BR-393 between Volta Redonda and Alem Paraiba.
* Reconstruction throughout Rio-Bahia BR-116 from Alem Paraiba to Entroncamento BR-251.
* BR-262 corrections between Belo Horizonte and Vitoria (track profile).

* Rebuilding the entire city of Rio de Janeiro
– New roads, bridge Rio-Niteroi.
– Airport Galeao.
– Beach de Ipanema.
– New entrances to the city, more real.
– Distant view of the statue of Christ the Redeemer.
– Rocinha e Vidigal representadas.
– Tunel Dois Irmaos.
– Dozens of modifications, add cut planes.
Remove some items aimed at optimizing the card.
* New changes in Sao Paulo.
– Changing position and various improvements in Terminal do Tiete.
– Changing access to Campinas, new overpasses.
– More realistic and direct access to the Castelo Branco highway from the Estaiada bridge.
– Side road Castelo Branco in Osasco.
– Reworked Belo Horizonte.
– New Rodoviaria.
– Av. Contorno, Av. Afonso Pena, Av. Amazonas, Av. Santos Dumont.
– Simulation of Rio Arrudas.
– Mangabeiras, serra do Curral.
– Tunnel on Cristiano Machado.
– Various improvements at the entrance to the city.
* Modified access to Contagem-MG.
* New entry to Sao Jose do Rio Preto (intersection).
* Changed the position of Ilhabela.
* Added 55 New Roads, in cities that were lacking in infrastructure.
* Fixed bug with Recife viaduct on BR-232 com a BR-101 SUL.
* Fixed a lack of lighting in the terminal Jabaquara – SP.
* Added company CBF em Teresopolis.
* Various changes to Belo Horizonte.
– Adding Mineirao, favelas, changing traffic on a roundabout. Improvements in Av N. Sra. do carmo.
* Correction of errors detected by the Community.
* Dozens of other changes that are not listed in this registry.
* New, more realistic points of support for GRAAL in Ourinhos, Sao Carlos, Ribeirao Preto, Uberaba.
* Reforms in Graal Maristela, Clube dos 500, Tres Garcas, Resende.
* Various changes in Santos aimed at realism.
* Reworked the entire card economy due to update 1.32
– And much more ….. !!!

EAA Team

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