Real Traffic Density v3.0 by Cip (update 15-Oct-17)

I share with you my traffic mod which I have built in many days of testing different parameters of the Ai traffic.
The foundation of this mod was possible thanks to Piva’s mod, Traffic Density from which I have kept those few parameters which I have not fully understood.
Thanks also to Frachti and Brainiac for having explained to me a few parameters.
My idea was to create a realistic traffic density per daytime and even more, by type of the road, especially to increase the traffic during the night on motorways,
and keep it low on local roads, as we find naturally in Europe.
The achievements of my mod are the following:
– very high density in the morning and afternoon, especially on motorways and expressways, but also in cities with frequent traffic jams (2 maximums at 8:30 and 16:30)
– generally high density on motorways the whole day and reasonable high during the night, with a minimum at 3 o’clock where still a significant number of vehicles can be spotted
– relatively high density during the day on local roads (1×1) and variable frequency that makes possible overtaking other vehicles;
– low and very low traffic density on local roads during the night
– improved semaphore cycle on all crossroads (2 types of semaphore cycles)
Other improvements:
– increased the duration of yellow after green to 3 seconds on all semaphores (essential to avoid fines)
– reduced the duration of yellow after red to 1 second (avoid fines if leaving too early)
– improved semaphore cycle on roadworks. The duration of simultaneous red on both semaphores is now 12 seconds.

– tweaked daytime values following an algorithm of Tresco
– added ai_avoid_speed rule which should make some cars driving faster than the speed limit
– added remove_distance rules with different values (smaller) for ProMods addon to keep reasonable fps on this demanding map
– removed few outdated rules
– Ai vehicles can overtake on single continuous line on local roads (remove world/road_look.sii if you dislike this rule)
– increased speed on expressways located on cities (70 km/h for cars and 60 km/h for buses)
– added rule max_limit with higher values on all types of vehicles (will not alterate country speed limits)
– included separate add-on for Ai traffic


Download Link: Download mod


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