Sri Lankan Trailers in AI Traffic (1.39.x)

Mod purpose is change to traffic trailers like as a sri lankan traffic trailers
founction is added 22 sri lankan traffic trailer mods for this version

1) kist sri lanka
2) atlas sri lanka
3) custom sri lanka
4) ceylon tea sri lanka
5) kotthumee sri lanka
6) s lon sri lanka
7) milo sri lanka
8) dantee sri lanka
9) ruhunu foods sri lanka

10) sri lanka dheewara sansthawa
11) crisbro sri lanka
12) incee sri lanka
13) sathosa sri lanka
14) keels sri lanka
15) munchee sri lnak
16) motha sri lanka
17) litro gas sri lanka
18) dpl sri lanka
19) food company sri lanka
20) maz holdigs sri lanka
21) mersek sri lanka
22)ambewela sri lanka

this mod is tested for 1.39 only
work fine 1.39

spawan ratio fixed 12.o by 6.5

enjoy the mod sl players

credid rusith tharusha dananjaya

Download Link: Download mod


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