Traffic Intensity Pack v10.0.12 1.45

Adds new:
Spawn Frequency on all Roads.
Loading screen Pictures.
Traffic Light switching cycles.
Rush Hour at 8am & 3pm.
Traffic Behavior Parameter.
View Range of AI Vehicles.
Basic Behavior of all AI Vehicles.
AI Behavior on Crossroads, Forks, Motorways, Roundabouts & Intersections in all Country’s.

Swing Radius of AI Long Trailers in Curves.
AI Savety Parameter.
Indicator Times for all AI Vehicles.
Max Speed Limit.
Speeds in different Weather Conditions.
Accident Recovery Behavior.
Overtaking Behavior on all Roads.
Slow Vehicles Spawn Rate on Special Transport Deliveries.
AI Behavior at Tollgates

D.B Creation

Download Link: Download mod

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