Coca-Cola Skinpack by Mr.Fox v1.4

The Coca-Cola skins pack includes:
-skins for all standard trucks;
-skins for mod trucks: Ford F-MAX;
-6 skins options for standard trailers;
-skins for trailers from the Krone DLC (Krone Coolliner, Krone Profiliner);
-skins for trailers from Schwarzmüller(Curtain Sider, Refrigerated Trailer);
-skins for trailers from Wielton(Curtain Master, Dry Master);
-skins for mod trailers: Krone MegaLiner, Schmitz S.KO Reconstructed, Kögel Trailers.

v 1.4:
-Added support for DAF XD and DLC Wielton;
-Added skin “Dobry”.


Download Link: Download mod

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