Interior Cabin Lights v1.49b

This mod provides interior cabin-light glow in choice of blue, green, orange, purple, red, and white for SCS trucks and mod trucks listed below:
– RJL Scania T & T4

Lights are available under “Driver’s Plate” and “Co-Driver’s Plate”; you can even mix them up: assign (on w/Parking) to one plate and (Beacon switched) to the other plate.
– (on w/Parking) lights are on whenever your parking lights are on,
– (Beacon switched) lights turn on when Beacons are switched on. (By default, no key is assigned to Beacon; you must assign one.)

Make sure
1) “Light visibility ranges” are not disabled. and
2) “Secondary vehicle lights” is checked in GRAPHICS options.
– They’re visible only when it’s dark outside your truck

Eddie Yantz

Eddie Yantz

Download Link: Download mod

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