Anatolian Trucker Map – 1.45

Cities and Areas:
1) Kuşadası : Main Area
2) Kuşadası Liman : Sea Port of Kuşadası
3) Kuşadası Outlet: Shopping Mall Area of Kuşadası
4) Davutlar : Traditional Village and Farming Area District of Kuşadası
5) Selçuk Main Road : Between Kuşadası and Selçuk ( will be develop next time )
6) Panoramic Viewpoints
7) Secret Roads
8) Resting Areas
9) You Can Drive Every Corner of Map.
10) Very Detailed Places for Fun, Multiplayer, Roleplays and Photo-Video Recordings

You Need New Profile ! And Select anatoliantrucker.mbd for the Map Selection
1.45 Full Game Version
All DLC Needed !

Anatolian Trucker

Anatolian Trucker

Download Link: Download mod

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