Bus Terminal Pack DLCs v1.0 by DeTbiT (1.38.x)

Bus Terminal- It changes all bus and bus stations to “Bus Company” for Euro Truck Simulator 2. It also provides a more realistic gameplay by allowing AI buses to enter and exit bus stations. You can get your job from the “Freight Market” menu by choosing the ghost trailer suitable for your vehicle. Compatible with the original SCS map. Using the appropriate add-on mode for official map DLCs, you can activate terminals on these maps. You can buy 10 different ghost trailers for different buses as a personal trailer. If the bus you use is suitable, you can also get a job from the “Free Work” menu.

Features mod Bus Terminal:
– This is a Passenger Mod for Bus and Minibus.
– Select suited ghost trailer for your vehicle and ready to go.
– Compatible for original SCS map. You can also activate terminals with using addons for official map DLC’s.
– You can watch the video on my YouTube channel to get the idea.
– Replaces all the bus stops and terminals as Bus Company. You can always find a job.
– Use Cargo Market for taking jobs.
– Sound ambient added for all terminals.
– 10 different ghost trailer ready in trailer dealer for different buses.
– Try different trailers for another buses.

Tested on game version 1.38.x


Download Link: Download mod


2 Responses

  1. Daniel Grondin says:

    Bonjour, j’ai déjà téléchargé des terminaux bus sur mon PC mais j’ai jamais obtenu de passagers dans ses terminaux pouvez vous me dire pourquoi?

  2. Daniel Grondin says:

    Bonjour, j’ai téléchargé des fichiers en SCS ils y a même pas 10 minutes en 1.39 il ne sont pas compatible avec mon PC bureau qui en 64 bits ces dossiers devraient normalement être compatibles vue que le jeu est passé en 1.41 malgré sa les terminaux et les stations bus ne sont pas compatible car il y a pas de terminaux et stations en 1,41.
    Pouvez vous me dire comment procéder pour avoir des fichiers en scs 1.41 en terminaux et station de bus à leur place,car moi il ne son pas a leurs places dans les terminaux de bus

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