Colombia Map v4.0 by JhonDeath.Col (1.34.x)

Standalone map of the country Colombia, therefore a new profile must be
created and the module Colombia_JhonDeath.mbd selected.
The map has some deadly routes, dangerous curves and more, that you
will discover on your way, I will be updating the map for new details.

*Download the .rar and locate the 4 files in ETS2 mod folder and use the module Colombia_JhonDeath.mbd and start.

New Changelog v4.0
-A lot or new things, roads and areas:
(Read Demo_Descripcion_JhonDeath.Col.pdf for more information,
Truck Dealers Ubications and information how to support the map.)
-Include SCS American Trucks from ATS for driving more realistic (European trucks are still available).
-Fixed errors
-Updated to ETS2 1.34 (Works in 1.33, no tested in ETS2 1.35).

Tested on game version 1.34.x

Enjoy the map!


Download Link: Download mod


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