E58 Addon v0.2 for ProMods 2.51 [1.39.x]

Changes v0.2
Should look better now.
But it’s improving with the use of newer assets on this old road.
Fixed bugs

This is a map that may or may not be expanded upon in the future and consists of the E58 route from the Ukrainian border with Romania to the Romanian border with Moldova and connecting to a couple cities.
Includes one city, Baia Mare.
The quality of this map can be improved by using some newer assets in the future, maybe. The current ones aren’t the best.
Load order: Just load it above ProMods files. Should be compatible with any other ProMods add-on as long as they don’t touch these sectors.

Q:Where have I seen this before? I get this weird feeling of Déjà vu…
A: It used to be in ProMods and I just brought it back and merged it back in. I’m going to update the models, vegetation and roads in the future


Download Link: Download mod


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