EAA 5.3 + PROMODS 2.43 AND/OR RUSMAP 2.0 V0.21 [1.36.X]

EAA 5.3 + Promods 2.43 and/or Rusmap 2.0 fixes

There’s two fixes, to use while using EAA and Promods or/and Rusmap together.
If you found something to improve, let me know! 😀

EAA + Rusmap fix changelog v0.21:

– fixed crash in Minsk (Belarus) and Antofagasta (Chile)

EAA + Promods fix changelog v0.21:

– Fixed problems with broken roads near Recife
– Update for Promods 2.43 and EAA 5.3
– Compatibility with 1.36 game version

– Old fix has been updated and everything is in one package now

– Fixed problems with semaphores on roadwork_small_sc_01 prefab
– Replaced some old vegetation models

Load order:
EAA Standalone background map/Universal background mod (optional, links below)

Passageiros em toda a Europa (Passengers across Europe)
Passageiros nas empresas EAA (Passengers in EAA companies)
EAA 5.3 + Promods 2.43 fix
EAA 5.3 + Rusmap 2.0 fix
ProMods Middle-East Add-On Def & Map
ProMods Middle-East Add-On Assets
Promods Def
RusMap Def
RusMap Map
RusMap Models 1
RusMap Models 2
Promods Map
Promods Models 1
Promods Models 2
Promods Models 3
Promods Media
Promods Assets
Mapa EAA 5.3
Base Mapa EAA 5.3

3xtremor_PL for current “development” and EAA+Rusmap fix
Amar for repairing the old fix

Download Link: Download mod


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