Fikcyjna Polska Addon: Szlak Buwka v0.5 [1.37.x]

Hello! I’m Buwek and I created map “Szlak Buwka”. This map is overlay for Fikcyjna Polska map. My mod adds highways: A4 in Germany, A4 and S8 in Poland, and many more small roads. In my map you can find 5 big cities, and some small towns and villages. Map was created in 5 months, so it’s very young. Map needs all map-DLC: Going East, Scandinavia, Vive La France, Italia, Beyond The Baltic Sea, Road to the Black Sea and Iberia in Future. You need Fikcyjna Polska map of course. Authors(map makers, modellers, testers etc.): Buwek, Frlxe, MiszkoPro, PiterQ, Moose, Dominiko, Mirusox, Mad Max, Krysio992, Merivox. Thanks for: Michaleczeq, Erol, Adison Cavani, Jakubek1993 and huge thank you to everyone I haven’t mentioned.

How to launch map?
First, you must prepare archives. Arrange them in the mod manager like this:
(other mods: trucks, lights, paintjobs…)
Szlak Buwka-Def
Szlak Buwka-Mapa
Szlak Buwka-Orlen
Szlak Buwka-Modele
Szlak Buwka-Reklamy
Szlak Buwka-Znaki
Szlak Buwka-Znaki by Merivox
Fikcyjna Polska-Znaki miejscowości
Fikcyjna Polska 1:5

You can make new profile now. You must change game module to polska.mbd. Without this, map shouldn’t work.

For more instructions you can join Discord: (for Polish people)

Map works on 1.37 version.


LINKS FOR Fikcyjna Polska v1.3:


Download Link: Download mod


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