FIX V2.1 FOR RUSMAP V1.8.1 1.34.X

Changes in 2.1
Removed Transparent ribbon in the city of Nevel, edited bumps near the city of Nevel and minor corrections. Traffic is not corrected in the Belorussia area — it also drives Polish numbers and the Polish police (I can’t fix it myself)

Two borders of posts between Belarus and Lithuania-Latvia and Russia were added. Partly original roads were restored and new road sections were added – single primers with imitation of bumps and without, new roads connect the Baltics and Rusmap. Those who love nature will like trips. Partly built roads follow a pattern in the map editor, but not like a google map. 50% 50 similarity is possible.
I didn’t connect with other maps except for the Southern region and Kazakhstan. For connection with other cards, you need to test-dare. The extra sectors of sites from DLS cards are partially removed. firms only new roads and restored old roads from what remains then restored.

Folders def and map with replacement!

Kish88. map author [email protected]

Download Link: Download mod


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