Grand Utopia Map v1.10 [28.03.21] by MyGodness (1.40.x)

Grand Utopia Map Mod – project for the game Euro Truck Simulator 2, at 1:1 scale. Grand Utopia is a fictional world which invites virtual truckers to discover new places and new roads. Inspired from France, this imaginary island country is currently a work-in-progress. I pay special attention to building a high quality world. This map will give you an entire new fictional world to discover, created by me. The map is still a work in progress project so I thank you to be nice if you have some bugs while you play on it.

Features Grand Utopia Map:
– The map is standalone, when creating a profile, you must select the module grandutopia.mbd;
– 39 available cities and villages
– 27 planned cities and villages
– 42 cities and villages sponsored by the community
– 199 companies to deliver
– 22 truck dealers
– 4 highways
– 18 secondary roads
– a 7.500 km² playground, in the end
– Completely ready for the game;
– A thorough approach to detail;
– adjusted economy;
– Traffic configured;
– For work, all DLC’S are required.

Changes in v1.10:
– adapted to the latest game patch 1.40;
– three new villages: Neyland, Montchaux-Soreng and Courfeyrac added;
– The village of Aix-Noulette-sur-Hulluch has also been enlarged;
– two new areas added: Utopia Port Area and Port-Aelvinque;
– new coastal village, located south of the port area;
– old castle of the Dukes of Aelvinque on its rocky promontory, as well as the natural arch carved by thousands of years of erosion added.


Download Link: Download mod


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