Hybrid Road Connection v3.0 1.50

Fixes v3
-pink flags with no animation
-crash near Sortvala (missing collision files from Rusmap)
-black flickering terrain on 14 border prefabs (SCS bug with certain type of grass/asphalt)
-missing russia/belarus/azerbaidjan flags in map exploration
-some blank directional signs in Rusmap
-missing QUARRY icon company in map view
-some terrain gaps

HYBRID 1 – Roextended 4.2 – Rusmap 2.50 – Promods 2.70 —> ALL interconnected
HYBRID 2 – Roextended 4.2 – Rusmap 2.50 – Promods +Middle-East 2.70 —> ALL interconnected

Maps from road connection name are MANDATORY to have a FUNCTIONAL road connection
Place this above all map files in mod manager.
If you use AZGE, place it ABOVE THIS FILES
For 1.50.x only

Hybrid 1: https://modsfire.com/lCL85GCCDV3xJB8
Hybrid 2: https://modsfire.com/ul0fY2GaZR397Aq

Sergey, Arayas, PM

Download Link: Download mod

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