Italy Map Project Promods Addon v11 + BugFix

Changelogs v11
– Version 1.49 of the game required.
– In order for the mod to work you need to have the Italy DLC and France DLC.
-The Promods is compatible only by downloading the appropriate addon.
Please note:
-The locations shown in the videos or photos may be different in the game because they are updated and improved even after they are published.
-Not all changes are shown in the videos or images.

This map mod, developed exclusively by me, contains changes throughout Italy, generally divided into 2 categories; the restylings and everything that was built from scratch.

As Restylig there are:
– Genoa (also includes parts made from scratch)
– Verona (also includes parts made from scratch)
– Livorno (also includes parts made from scratch)
– Venice
– Cuneo
– Milan
– A22 motorway (also includes parts made from scratch)
– A4 motorway
– A21 motorway
– A55 motorway
– A12 motorway
– A1 motorway (also includes parts made from scratch)
– A14 motorway (also includes parts made from scratch)
– A6 motorway
– A7 motorway
– A2 motorway
– A10 motorway
– A20 motorway
– A18 motorway
– Many state roads… (also includes parts made from scratch)
– Many service areas…

As constructions from scratch there are:
– Giglio island
– Porto S. Stefano
– Variante di Valico (A1)
– Foggia
– Vicenza
– Siena
– A15 motorway
– Reggio Calabria
– Elba island
– Portoferraio
– Port of Obia
– Lake Garda
– Chioggia
– Pesaro
– Brenner
– Bardonecchia
– Fossano
– Affi
– Frosinone
– Agrigento
– Mestre and Marghera
– Brescia
– Fabriano
– Arezzo
– Reggio Emilia
– Peschiera del Garda
– Riva del Garda
– Many other smaller cities…

I also paid particular attention to the ferry routes:
– Genoa – Barcelona
– Genoa – Palermo
– Genoa – Oblia
– Genoa – Porto Torres
– Livorno – Palermo
– Livorno – Olbia
– Livorno – Portoferraio
– Toscolano Maderno – Torri del Benaco (Lake Garda)
– Giglio Island – Porto S. Stefano

The map is currently published in its eleventh version (V11) but with the release of 1.50 the V12 will be released.

The map only requires the Italy and France DLC to function but all DLCs are recommended to fully enjoy it.
The map can also be used with Promods via an Add-on.

—————— AND ———————

This addon requires 2 additional mods listed below for it to work. The addon was developed by $alvomilone 917.

ProMods & West Balkans DLC Merge
North Macedonia Rework v 1.5.3

Matt17Modding, $alvomilone917


Matt17Modding, $alvomilone917

Download Link: Download mod

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