Jan Mayen Official Release v0.4.1


2 Cities
1 Ferry to Torshavn
3 Companies
A lot of ice!


Added more companies to original cities. Added 2 more cities and lots of cosmetic changes
Swapped Repair and Upgrade Garage for a prefab icon, you will now spawn parellel to the Garage outside.
This was altered due to trailers clipping when you recovered your vehicle via towing.
Adjusted houses en route to Puppebu.
Closed several terrain gaps.
Adjusted ferry name to be capitalized.
Added lapping waves to a majority of the coastline.
Added a lot of movers.
Added a fuel tanker to refuel at Jan Mayen Station.
Added a repair & upgrade garage to Jan Mayen Station.
Added the Aurora Borealis effect around the map.
Rescaled several items to their proper size.
Added a lighthouse near the Garage.

turmoil64, Digital X

Download Link: Download mod

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