Map Explore Helper

A Small Useful Tool for Exploring Default Map or other Mod Maps

Start Singleplayer

Open the Modmanager

Activate Mod Highest Priority!!!

Save Changes

Start Game and Enjoy

Open the World Map and you’ll see all the Exploration, all Unexplored Red, making Exploring the Map easier.

Not Visited Cities White

Visited Cities: Grey

Explored Roads, Resting Places, Gas Stations, and Companies: Grey

Unexplored Roads, Resting Places, Gas Stations and Companies : Red

Road Navigation: White

Resting Places, Gas Stations, and Company Icons are Displayed by Default on the Map

Ready for “Italia”, “Vive la France!”, “Scandinavia” and “Going East!” and soon “Beyond the Baltic Sea”

This MOD only changes the Colors on the Original Map, Mod Maps for Explored and Unexplored Roads, Rest Areas, Workshops, Companies, Visited and not Visited Cities and can remain permanently activated without affecting the other MODs.


Art.Stea1th, T3CH-N1CK

Art.Stea1th, T3CH-N1CK

Download Link: Download mod


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