Map “MKDS” v6.0 [1.38.x]

Hi, now Map MKDS is running only in version 1.38 Full dlc, using DLC ​​map, nort, Scandinavia, east, Baltic & black sea ..
This time in this map nothing has changed at all and there are no route updates, only adding model assets in various areas as shown in the picture … most likely the future, there will be a route update after there are new road model and material assets on the ets2 website pseudonym
This map is tested first at 1.38 If someone crashes, you can comment below.

The bug sections in this map are: the sign part of the lights on the company’s prefab, garage dealership, recuiment agency and street lights, those are all not textures at night that I have encountered so far … & someone has reported too

That’s all until we meet you in the next update.




Download Link: Download mod


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