Map of Minsk – Moscow – Crimea v1.0 (Beta 2018) [1.30.x]

MAP WORKS WITHOUT DLC France DLC must be turned off (the card does not require them)

Features map:
– Scale real 1k1 real mileage
– Real and detailed real detailing
– Real currencies Dollars Russian rubles Belarusian rubles UAH hryvnia
– Houses for players with a designation on the map
– The card weighs 65 mb
– The card is made from December 2012

Features of the Beta 2018
1. Support for V1.30
2. Cities Dzerzhinsk, Fanipol
3. Details of the real detail made on the route went on routes and made a video of reg 2 route more
4. Nice built Homes for Players
5. New Economy
6. Corrections.
7. Improved technical and economic part.

Tested on game versions 1.30.x

Bogdan Evdokimovich

Download Link: Download mod


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