Map of North Brazil v3.0 (1.35.x)

– Map free with 103 city of Brazil Region north;
– Roads dirt and asphalts and rural area ;
– more 1000 km with hidden roads in the map;
– nice landscapes
– Extreme Optimization of Vegetation on Dirt Roads (excellent SPF gain)
– Miscellaneous improvements. – Bug Fixes and Miscellaneous Crashes
– Correct verification of the operation of Ferries and Ships
– Removal of excess of jams in several sections
– Adjustment of several roads with gain of SPF
– Extreme road and landscape optimization
– Refitting buildings within cities
– Lighting and new inserted objects
– Removal of excess objects
– Amazon Improvements

Tested on 1.35.x game version

Reinaldo Souza

Download Link: Download mod


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