Map of Siberia v2.6.0 1.47

Map of Siberia

Changes on the map in version 2.6.0:
-The R-254 highway from Kurgan to Tyumen, as well as the settlements of Chervishevo and Isetskoye have been added.
-The city of Tyumen has been added. Chervishevskaya and Moskovskaya interchanges, partially made of TKAD. The development is not complete and will continue in other versions.
-The northern part of the EKAD and the settlement of Berezovsky have been added, the EKAD has been looped and the development of Yekaterinburg itself has been completed. There are plans to develop the suburbs of Yekaterinburg.
-The area of the Kazan International Airport named after Gabdulla Tukai has been added. In the next version, it is planned to partially implement the M-7 and the city of Kazan itself, as well as a connection with the Kirov map.
-All gas stations on the map have been reworked, prefabs and models have been replaced, gas stations use realistic brands instead of BPM and Gazmer.
-A lot of minor fixes throughout the map, including fixing the terrain, replacing textures, adding lighting points and sounds.

The Map of Siberia project is being revived, now it is a project for the default module (europe), at a default scale of 1:19.
Docking with the classic set of projects RusMap + SouthernRegion + GreatSteppe + VOLGAMAP.

For ETS2 1.47


Download Link: Download mod

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