MAP “PROJECT IMAGINATION” V1.0 [1.35 – 1.38]

This time I will share the Project Imagination Map Euro Trucks Simulator 2 map.

– This mod runs on version 1.35 to 1.38 Full DLC
– I suggest using the No Damage mod and using a config that can use camera 0 (just in case, for example crashing or rolling)
– This folder is light, of course, but it only contains forests: v
– Available jobs in all cities (total only 8 this time)
– Must start in the city (Cianjur, Bandung) to avoid force close, because there are several places where I forgot to save the cutscenes
– sorry if there are errors in the map, especially such as terrain with holes: 3
– The names of the cities of Cianjur and Bandung are for test purposes only, so don’t mark these cities in the map: “v
– there is no dlc special transport yet
– If the company fence is closed, please just teleport hehe

Galih Raditya

Download Link: Download mod


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