MAPA RC BRASIL – ETS 2 1.36 1.6

RC BRASIL is a map aimed at more realistic and segmented logistics operations in the Euro Truck Simulator 2 game, aiming to bring a differentiated immersion of the regions of Brazil and neighboring countries, with more realistic companies, complete gas stations, patrol and inspection stations , in addition to unique and exclusive scenarios. The map also has a growing list of trailers.

In the first subtitle CONNECTION AMAZON, the Amazon region is the highlighted scenario. The BR 230, BR 319, BR 174, BR 364 and BR 153 highways are background scenarios for simulation at high levels and for competent virtual truck drivers. The driver will face adverse road conditions, loading and unloading, difficult parking maneuvers and during his travels pass through cities built with real references. Companies across the map are willing to offer freight with tight schedule freight and more Brazilian prices, making the player use his managerial side and look for the best loads and routes.

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