Mario Map for v1.32 (07.09.18)

The map is adapted to work with the version of the game 1.32.
Fixed all bugs found

Mario Bogdanov

Download Link: Download mod


6 Responses

  1. Sam Viper says:

    Hello Mario!
    Can I keep my money and levels by changing from to 1.32 or do I need a new profile?

  2. Sam Viper says:

    Hello Mario champion of all cards your card is going very well and so far I can not see any errors. Very good work and thank you for that.

  3. Sam Viper says:

    Hello Mario!
    Unfortunately I had to deactivate your card as there is a problem with the small mirrors. And although missing in your update, the small left mirror for the F2 key
    I hope you can fix this error?
    Because I would like to drive with the big map.

  4. fajardiiyo says:

    no me carga!! alguna solucion?

  5. Bestia5 says:

    Este mod 1.32 hoy no funcionara ya que hay modificaciones y ya estamos en el mod 1.33.??
    Cuando dices que hay que tener todos los dcl a que te refieres a los mapas porque hay muchos dcl para este juego

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