Mario Map v12.3 (Official Version) [1.27.x] for ETS2

Mario Map v12.3 (Official Version) (1.27.x) for Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.
Here is a updated version of the card under the name – Mario Map, the map is very popular among users of the game, it sure sign every driver trucker. Map deserves the popularity. An updated version of the card will please its changes with new patches, improved performance, detailed zoom and other attractions.

Out of all the add-ons for the game Euro Truck Simulator 2, Mario Map Map rightly considered the biggest card on the present time. A busy roads, routes, a wide variety of cross-sections of different options. Map is huge to explore it all, you’ll need a lot of the game clock. Here are collected in Europe, America, Russia, Ukraine.

The map includes two continents: Europe and Africa.
European countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, England, France, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy.
African countries: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt (there is even a pyramid).
Changes in Mario Map 12.3 Official version:
– Fixed bugs of the previous version!

Mario 12.2
Added Hawaii
Mario Map12.2 compatible with DLC France

Changes in v11.9:
– Added new cities in South America
– The archives files of nine
– adapted to 1.25.x game version

Mario Map version 11.8 Included:
– Russia
– Ukraine
– North America
– South America
– Europe (+ New Countries)

Download All Parts to Work.

Tested on game version 1.27.x

ETS_2_Base_def&mat (NEW 07.05.2017)
ETS_2_Base_model_part1(NEW 07.05.2017)
ETS_2_Base_model_part2(NEW 07.05.2017)
ETS_2_Base_model_part3(NEW 07.05.2017)
ETS_2_Base_prefab&more_part1(NEW 07.05.2017)
ETS_2_Base_prefab&more_part2(NEW 07.05.2017)
ETS_2_Map_Basic_v12.3(NEW 07.05.2017)
ETS_2_Map_Morozov_Express_v6.3(NEW 07.05.2017)
ETS_2_Map_North_America(NEW 07.05.2017)
ETS_2_Map_South_America(NEW 07.05.2017)
ETS_2_Map_Supplementary_maps(NEW 07.05.2017)

use these original links above or these three below (you have to download all 12 above or all three below)


Mario1961, EAA Team, Elvis Felix, voldemar56, Other Authors

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    Sorry for my English, Please upload to Mediafire, my internet fail, and not found for Sharemods or Uploadfiles.-

  2. Sidnei Silva says:

    Boa tarde..
    Eu gostaria de saber se esse mapa funciona com as dlcs do jogo..

  3. Sidnei Silva says:

    Good afternoon..
    I would like to know if this map works with the dlcs of the game ..

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