Poland Rebuilding Map v2.4.3 [for PM 2.50] -AiO- (1.38.x)

Poland Rebuilding – is a map mod, that is an overlay, that turns boring Polish territories making them more interesting, real and demanding. Besides expanding the road network, it offers many new interesting cities, towns and villages to and from which you can easily take orders. We added new road with a hidden city, and along with it we refreshed Ostrołęka. Changes that took place on PM map forced us to overwrite our areas of Augustów and surroundings, and recreate the special route that was placed in this terrains. Using this opportunity, we have introduced warning messages for the most demanding cargos. Old road signs are also being replaced gradually whenever possible, and as we have time.

Features mod Poland Rebuilding:
– reconstruction of East Pomerania
– modernization and access road A1 “Gdańsk – Bydgoszcz”
– modernization of the S7 road “Gdańsk – Olsztyn”
– modernization and access road A4 “Kraków – Rzeszów”
– modernization of the south-eastern territory
– modernization and improvement of the surroundings of Kielce
– modernization of the southwest area (from Wrocław to Zgorzelec and Olszyna)
– reconstruction of Piła
– reconstruction of Grudziądz
– reconstruction of Tricity
– improvements in the vicinity of Gorzów Wlkp
– new models of signs and messages
– requires ProMods v2.50
– requires all maps DLC’s.

Changes in v2.4.3:
– The map has been adapted for the ETS2 1.38 and PM 2.50 updates
– Some bugs have been corrected
– Updated translations
– Temporary border checks added in the previous update have been removed
– Road connections to PM areas have been improved
– Added DK12 (PM)
– Added Chełm (PM)
– The DW106 road was refreshed and discovered (The change took place in the previous version, in FIX)
– Viewpoint added – Westerplatte (Similar to those from ATS)
– A new dimension route has been added (Świnoujście -> Gdańsk)

DIESIRAE, GrakuPL, Michaleczeq, Sebavr6, djdarklighter, Jakczo

Download Link: Download mod


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