Project Kuban v3.0

Version 3.0:
– Added cities: Tikhoretskaya, Ternovskaya, Krinitsa, Novoleushkovskaya, the world
– Only 114 kilometers
– Requires DLC “Scandinavia”, “Goint East”, “France” and a map of RusMap v1.8
– Select the gaming module: russia_map.mbd

Put into the Mod folder, connect to the mod manager:

1. kuban_def
2. kuban_model
3. kuban_map
4. Объекты для карты ( kuban_model2 )
5. RusMap Model 2 Package
6. RusMap Model Package
7. RusMap def Package
8. RusMap map Package

Кирилл Митраков

Download Link: Download mod


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